Multilabel dataset with mldr package

Hi everyone, I am starting to wortk with mldr package to create a multilabel dataset from Github issues. I have 7 variables, being labels the variable with one/more labels assigned to it.

In order to convert my dataframe to a mldr object, I call mldr_from_dataframe with my dataframe and the label indexes as below.

 mldr_from_dataframe(dtf, labelIndices = c(7:1655), name = "multilabel_dataset")

I ran dummy_cols on tthe labels as mldr_from_dataframe needs a vector containing the indices of attributes acting as labels (columns 7 from 1645 in the dataframe)

When running the code above, I get the error below:

Error in [.data.frame(data, indexes) : undefined columns selected

Not sure if I can do it with dummy columns

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