MS Windows roaming profiles

This was raised several years ago on the RStudio support site File history and project history stored in LOCALAPPDATA. I don't know the protocol here so I'll briefly summarise what's there rather than repeating it all - if this is inappropriate please tell me.

On MS Windows RStudio saves much profile information in (effectively) %LOCALAPPDATA%\RStudio-Desktop rather than %APPDATA%\RStudio-Desktop. This defeats Roaming User Profiles.

In the RStudio support site the 4 year old comment beginning "I've had similar problems ..." is from me. In that comment I present my diagnosis and somewhat clumsy workaround. There have been no substantive comments since then, and I haven't been able to find any other solutions. This post on this new forum is to ask:

  1. Is this behaviour intentional?
  2. Is it likely to change in the near future?
  3. Is there a better workaround
  4. Is there a better workaround than