Moving unsaved files

Same as this other question, I just moved an unsaved file and lost all its progress. The moving action didn't prompt me for saving the file first or anything. This is terrible behavior and the question is if you are going to fix it at some point.

I just now tested this behaviour.
I save a script file.
I added more to it ( a star/asterix) showed up on the source pain header indicating a file of unsaved changes. I used the file pane to move the file from its saved location to another.
At this point a dialog box popped up saying

The file had been moved, and would I want to close the file I had been editing with unsaved changes in the source pane or not. I chose not, and that gave me an opportunity to save the otherwise unsaved changes, if I had closed the dialog box saying yes, close the file now, then I would have lost the opportunity to save the latest edits.

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