Moving the x-axis over towards the right - Forest.meta


I plotted my forest plot using the forest.meta function. However, as you can see in the image, the x-axis is coming way too close to the text for the heterogeneity, such that the x-axis and the text for the heterogeneity is overlapping (i.e., 00% overlaps with the x-axis). How can I shift the x-axis more towards the right so that it doesn't overlap with the text associated with the heterogeneity?

The following is what I currently have in my code, and what is produced by the image attached to this message.
forest.meta(meta_Risk, cvar = Risk.Level, layout="RevMan5", xlab="Proportion", comb.r=T, comb.f=F, xlim = c(0,2), fontsize=10, digits=3, overall=F, leftlabs = T)

Would greatly appreciate the clarification.
Thank you.

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