Moving packages to computer without internet

Hello, I am trying to get packages on a computer without internet capabilities. I downloaded the zips of the files on a computer with internet and moved them via flash drive to the one without. However, when I open an R script and type library() only some of the packages show up. The ones that don't show up are tidyverse, readr, and lubridate so far but others do work like dplyr, caret, and xgboost.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Even if you've downloaded the source packages to the computer, you can still install them locally from those source files.
e.g. install.packages(pkgname.tar.gz, repos = NULL, type ="source")

To see where R is looking for packages, run .libPaths(), and ensure that this matches where you're installing the packages.

This StackOverflow answer covers differences depending on what operating system you have:

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