Movie Finder - Table Contest Submission

Movie Finder

Authors: Charles Bordet

Abstract: The table can be used to find movies based on a few criteria, such as the director, category, or cast featured in movies you already like. For example, if I like movies where Stallone appears, I can pick him in the Cast filter and get new movies ideas.

The data comes from a Tidy Tuesday episode, which itself got it from Kaggle. It originally has been compiled by Shivam Bansal.

Full Description: This table highlights two special components: Cards and Infinite Scrolling.


Rather than showing the data with rows and columns, each data entry is presented as a cards. Cards are better-looking than traditional tables and allow for a more flexible presentation of the data.

In this case, I'm using multiple columns and rows inside each card. A button is also used to dynamically change the content of the card. Considering that the list of Categories (or Cast) changes a lot depending on the movie, it would be hard to represent with a common table.

Infinite scrolling

Traditional tables can give you options to configure the number of entries per page. In some contexts, browsing the data through page is not ideal because it breaks the reading flow (and gives an opportunity to the user to leave the page).

In this application, the user browses movie ideas after choosing a few parameters. Thanks to the infinite scrolling, one can keep browsing indefinitely without having to stop, interrupt the reading, before changing the page.

Table Type: interactive-Shiny
Submission Type: Single Table Example
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