Move students' work to their own space at the end of the semester

I just finished my semester teaching intro R, using a class space on Posit Cloud. In previous years, when I removed students I could send all their work to their own workspaces. Has this feature been removed? Do I now have to ask students themselves to move their files before I remove them from the class space?
If I change their permissions to "Viewer" for now (so they don't use the class space's resources), will they still be able to move their projects to their own space?


You are correct. The feature was removed a while back so that any given user doesn't have the ability to push content unannounced into another user's personal space.

The alternative approach is to warn your students that at a certain date you will remove them from the space and, if they want to keep their content, they can select that option when leaving the space.

Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 5.40.15 PM

If you change their permissions to a Viewer role, they will not be able to access the copy/move buttons.

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