Mouse wheel no longer works

After upgrading to RStudio 1.2.1335, the mouse wheel no longer scrolls correctly:

  • If I hover over any pane, the mouse wheel has no effect in that window.
  • If I click inside the bottom right pane (the one that normally has tabs like Help and Packages) to give it focus, then I move the mouse over the top-left window (code editor), when I use the mouse wheel, the bottom-right window scrolls.
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Can you also let us know what operating system you're using, and (in case it's relevant) what type of mouse?

Sure. It's Windows 10 1903. I am using a Surface Pro 4, and it happens with the trackpad built into the keyboard and on an external Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600.

Woah, update. I upgraded Windows 10 from 1809 to 1903 yesterday, so I figured I should re-test. I can no longer reproduce the problem.

Interesting; thanks! It's surprising to hear that a Windows update could be implicated in an issue like this, but it's good to hear it's been resolved.

For what it's worth, I've also experienced the occasionally spotty driver update delivered during a Windows update, where some piece of hardware on my machine will suddenly stop functioning as expected after an update...

It's difficult for me to explain why the update caused this change. I ran RStudio 1.1.463 for months on Windows 10 1809 and had no problems. The problem only started after I upgraded to 1.2.1335-1. Certainly an upgrade of RStudio shouldn't cause driver regressions?

I take it back. Problem is back and presenting differently. I just opened RStudio and opened a project. Opening the project opened three files: an Rmd file and two R files, in that order. When I mousewheel over the Rmd file, the Packages pane scrolls. Same thing when I then mousewheel over the first and second R tabs. But if I go back to the first R tab and mousewheel, the Console window scrolls.

Above is the typical behavior. I also noticed other behaviors, such as 1. the mouse wheel causing no scrolling at all in any window, 2. expected scrolling behavior where mouse wheel causes scrolling in the window the cursor is above, and 3. all uses of the scroll wheel in the editor cause the Packages pane to scroll up and down.

Is there any chance you could share a screencast of what you're seeing? And, I realize this is likely challenging, but if you can find a way to reproduce this issue consistently that would be very helpful.


You'll see me move the cursor over each pane. When the cursor pauses, that is when I am scrolling the mouse wheel.

Initially, there is no scrolling on any pane. That alone is a problem. Then I return to the first window, drag the scroll bar a bit, then mousewheel some. Then you will see the problem.

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