mouse hover on plot flickers even when using debounce

I am using the following code to generate a mousehover text box in a shinyap,
The problem is: the text box on mouse hover flickers for a few times (2 to 3 times) before stabilising. I have tried many times on non overlapping points but the behaviour repeats for a large majority of the attempts). See the screencast video attached to get a feel of what I am experiencing.


style = "position:relative",
plotOutput(outputId = "totbal",hover = hoverOpts("plot_hover", delay = 50, delayType = "debounce")),


output$hover_info <- renderUI({
        hover <- input$plot_hover
        point <- nearPoints(df, coordinfo = hover, threshold = 10, maxpoints = 2, addDist = TRUE)
        if (nrow(point) == 0) return(NULL)
          bb <- renderTable(point),

Your video doesn't work for me.

You're also more likely to get help if you provide a reprex that is easy for other people to run.

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