mouse click return "Error navigating to ......"

I installed rstudio-sever in server following offical instruction to the HOME folder of my account ( /data1/huangjf ).
I had modifier "/etc/rstudio/rserver.conf" to specific my R version "rsession-which-r=/data1/huangjf/opt/R-3.5.1/bin/R".
After that,I can successfully install packages in rstudio GUI remotely through command line.

However, while I want to use mose to click "File -> Open File ..." in the meum or click file in the lower right panel, both return "Error navigating to ~/../xxx_file: no such file or directory".
Trying to open text file will return similar error message.

If use setwd() to swith to that directory, it will be fine !
This error will appear even I gave 777 authority to the directory/file.
I had used Sys.setenv() to edit the HOME "/data1/huangjf/" to "/data1/huangjf", the error still happened.

I don't known why mouse click will add "../" in front of my file, and have no idea how to fix it.
I found @wmmurrah face the same problem, but could not find any solution as I search the commnuity. (Broken file paths in Rstudio 1.2 - #2 by kevinushey) (The system cannot find the path specified Error and strange path in navigator)

Any one face the same problem and successfully fix it ?

I figure out the problem now.

(1) Open /etc/passwd

(2) find my account, the original is:

(3) remove "/" behind "huangjf", so it looks like:

(4) Re login SSH, problem fix.

Record 5/11/2019

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