MosaicMiss proportion of NA's not showing

I'm having some troubles with the function "mosaicMiss":
In this dataset i have 5 variables and i'm interested to study the frequency of Na's of the variable data for each author.
I want to add the percentages of each panel, to see the difference between the author in observed vs missing data.
The code that i'm using is:

mosaicMiss(dati, highlight=4,plotvars=5,miss.labels = T)

Also, I want to order my plot for the frequency of NA's for each author, is that possible or i must order it by the name of author?

I solved the problem, i saw that there is no post about mosaicMiss, so i will post the solution in case someone is interested:

a<-mosaicMiss(dati_libri, highlight=4,plotvars=5, miss.labels = T,pop=F)
mosaicMiss(dati_libri, highlight=4,plotvars=5, miss.labels = T,pop=F)

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