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MOS Fit Tool

Authors: Matthew A. DeLoia

Abstract: This tool helps a military prospect navigate the Army's 190 occupational specialties to find job roles well-suited to their own interests, personality traits, and abilities. MOS 'Fit' calculations are based on your self-assessment entered here.

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This 'MOS Fit' reporting tool is designed to leverage assessments across interest, personality, and aptitude. The tool design resembles data already collected upon entry to the Army through the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), the Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System (TAPAS), and potentially soon with the Adaptive Vocational Interest Diagnostic (AVID). Full results from these assessments can be directly entered into this tool for better accuracy. This tool can launch on-line for wide use by Army recruiters and recruits.

Results and data presented in the 'MOS Explorer' and 'Report' features were informed by the pages for careers and jobs. ‘Fit Scores' are for demonstration purposes only and based on available open and published sources. Additional research and data are needed for this prototype v0.9 to be operationally tested and validated.


The 2019 publication of The Army People Strategy describes the aim to place the right people in the right place at the right time. Key implementation actions have included leader assessment programs, such as the Battalion Commander Assessment Program. One near term priority is to 'attract and align new Soldiers with best-fit jobs across the Army, which will reduce attrition.' The Strategy lists experimentation and piloting of new innovations as a way to effective solutions.

Based on the suite of assessments performed on Army recruits, an opportunity exists to use this information about one's knowledge, skills and behaviors (KSB). A specially tailored MOS report, prototyped here, could increase a recruit's understanding of Army specialties that align well to their talents and behaviors, potentially leading to longer, more satisfying Service for the tens of thousands that enlist into the Army each year.

Keywords: job model, military specialties
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