MortalityLaws package

Hello R team,now that you removed the MortalityLaws from R,what are users of the package supposed to use?
Please return it or provide an alternative package or give a guideline on how to install it again.I really need it to finish my school project.
Thank you.

Here is not where the keepers of the R repository can be reached. The package was put in archive status for failing to conform to requirements. Why is not shown. You can download previous versions from here. How to install depends on both your platform and whether the download require compilation from source.

Thanks a lot Sir for your response. Have downloaded and tried to install the packages from the Archives though, they are returning an error 'had a non zero exit status '
Implying that they have failed to install. I really need this mortalityLaws package. Just hope R team will return it to the CRAN repository .

A non-zero exit error indicates either a flaw in the package source code or problems with the compilation tools installation on the local computer. (If these terms are not already understood, it may take some time to acquire the basic skills needed.)

CRAN is a central resource for third party developers, like the author of this package, to publish their contributions. Every package has to meet the same basic level of operability. CRAN rejects contributions or updates of packages that fail the tests, and repeated failures of updates to pass results in what happened here. It’s also important to understand that for the packages that do work, CRAN only checks whether the operate, not whether the produce correct answers.

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