moimport() in MLMOI library

Hi Everyone! I am new to R programming. As a part of my course I need to use MLMOI package to work on molecular data, but while using
moimport(file1,nummtd=1,keepmtd = TRUE,keepwarnings =exfile ,export = exfile, molecular = datatype, coding=coding)
I have encountered with the following error,

Error in file.exists(file) : invalid 'file' argument

I have already imported "file1" in my environment. Please do help me with this!! Thank you :slight_smile:

Using help(moimport) shows what the function expects. There are two things here:

moimport() imports molecular data from Excel workbooks


file string; specifying the path to the file to be imported

Anything else won't do. It has to be an Excel sheet and it has to be a file. Even if you read in an Excel spreadsheet with another function and named it file1, moimport() will be unsatisfied.

When importing a file, it is necessary to quote it and to give a subdirectory name if it is not in your current working directory or a full path name if it outside. For this, the preferred way is to create an RStudio project and use the {here} library.


here() starts at /home/roc/projects/demo
# [1] "calc_Dec21.csv"   "data_Dec21.csv"   "slides_Dec21.csv"

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