ModVizPop - Shiny Based Population PK/PD Model Simulator


R Shiny Based Interface for Empowering Teams to Perform Real-Time Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Simulations

Authors: Pavan Vaddady, Bhargava Kandala

ModVizPop is an interactive and dynamic visualization tool developed for simulating ordinary differential equation based population pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) models. Availability of a wide array of library PK/PD models, flexibility to simulate from any ODE based user defined model, customizable plotting features, advanced features to overlay external data, setting a simulation as a reference, conducting parameter sensitivity analysis, and robust reporting features make ModVizPop an attractive platform to be leveraged by PK/PD scientists and modelers in their day to day activities. It is primarily programmed in R and uses key R packages such as tidyverse, mrgsolve, PKNCA and xtable. It utilizes R Shiny for the web application framework, LaTeX for PDF report generation, HTML and CSS for styling graphical interface.

The user interface consists of a sidebar with several key inputs for performing the simulations. A tabbed navigation allows the user to visualize the simulated data, plots, PK NCA, model equations and input parameters. It also provides user the ability to download the underlying model, plots, simulated data, a comprehensive report consisting of all the key inputs and outputs of the simulations, and a complete simulation session the user works on. The Help button is a link to ModVizPop documentation with detailed instructions on different components of the interface for running tailored simulations. This easy to use interface can serve as a valuable tool to project teams to evaluate potential scenarios facilitating collaborative decision making in the drug discovery and development paradigm.


Click here for a demo.

Accessing the Application

1. R Installation

This package can be installed from github as follows:


Once installed, access the application using the commands below:


2. Using

You can also access the readily working application using the following link:

Keywords: pharmacometrics, simulator, PKPD, modeling, simulation, visualization
Shiny app:
RStudio Cloud: modvizpop


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