Modifying Output Size in Shiny RMD

I followed this example to use a shiny app to run simulations: Monte Carlo Shiny: Part Three · R Views. Therefore, I created my shiny app in an rmarkdown file instead of the standard server/ui interface.

I am trying to recreate a side by side of a table and a plot, and I cannot control the size of either. All of the instructions for height/width seem like they need the server/ui interface.

Here is the relevant code:

#Confirm model syntax for user
printmodel <- eventReactive(input$go,{

  modelsyntax <- input$model
  Test <- read.delim(modelsyntax$datapath, header=FALSE)
  Test1 <- as.character(Test$V1)


#Graph model
graphmod <- eventReactive(input$go,{
  popmodel <- Reactive_True_Model()
  df <- simulateData(popmodel, sample.nobs = N())
  mod <- cfa(popmodel,data=df)

#Display output 

      column(6, renderTable(printmodel(), colnames = FALSE, spacing = "s")),
      column(6, renderPlot(graphmod()))

I tried adding the width statements in the render code but nothing changed. I also don't seem to be able to change the width of the sidebar when using RMD.

Any ideas?

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