Mobile current location in r shiny

Multiple users are using my Shiny app in various Stores. I want to capture their In Time and Out Time from Store which will be considered as Attendance. My requirement is User will select current location from google map and upload in the Shiny app or upload the current longitude and Latitude in app so that App can understand the current location of user or Shiny app will track the location of users based on their mobile phone numbers.
Please let me know how this is possible.
Currently users take selfie in front of store and upload it so that owner can understand that the user is at Store.


I found an example of how this might be implemented:

Do realize that users will be requested to share location as this is not something that can be demanded. If they refuse, it won't work.

If this is not what you're looking for please create a Reprex so we can get a better idea.

Good luck

Thanks Implemented !

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