`mnist` array structure

I have been using {keras} packages to run the deep learning tutorial in tensorflow.rstudio.com.

The problem is that the mnist$train$x is an array with dimension attribute c(60000, 28, 28). This is like having 60,000 28 by 28 matrices. But the way I can create an array like that in r, as far as I know, would be doing array( numeric(length = 28*28*60000), dim = c(28, 28, 60000) ), not array( numeric(length = 28*28*60000), dim = c(60000, 28, 28) ).

I just want to know how to create an array like this array(1:18, dim = c(3, 3, 2)) and change the dimension order to be c(2, 3, 3) like the array in keras::dataset_mnist()

Thanks, in advance.

PS: Sorry in case of any typo or grammar problem, English is not my native language

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