Mixed/Rm Anova using anova_test, incomplete result

Hello! I need help with the calculation of a mixed (or repeated measures) anova in R. I wanted to calculate the Anova using this tutorial: https://www.datanovia.com/en/lessons/mixed-anova-in-r/
I have calculated this type of Anova using the tutorial before with different data and it worked. Now it does not work and I am not sure why.

I have a data set with 1 between and 1 within-factor. I want to compare two groups with two measurements each. I put the data in the long format and created an ID-variable.

I used the following code for the Anova:

anova.MeKo34 <- rstatix::anova_test(data = K3K4.MeKo.l, dv = MeKo, wid = id, between = Kohorte, within = Zeitpunkt, type = 3, effect.size = "ges")
get_anova_table(anova.MeKo34, correction="auto")

and as a result I get:

   Effect DFn DFd     F     p p<.05   ges
1 Kohorte   1  39 2.457 0.125       0.059

The problem is that there is no result for the "Zeitpunkt" (for the within factor). So there should be two columns in the result/output. I have no idea why it does not work. I would really appreciate your help!
Also, I have never made a reprex before and it somehow does not work with my code...

Best regards & happy new year!

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