missing binary package "fst" for Windows (R4.1 and 4.2)

Just tried to install the "fst" package from repository https://packagemanager.posit.co/cran/2023-01-25 for Windows, binary. It failed for both R4.1 and R4.2, saying only a source package would be available.

However I could download it from CRAN and from Microsoft's CRAN snapshot
"The Comprehensive R Archive Network"

Hi @smichal ! Thanks for the report. I can confirm that it doesn't appear we have a binary for fst on Windows, so we'll take a look and see what the problem is and report back shortly.

As a general note, all binary packages available under Package Manager are built directly by Posit from the CRAN sources. We don't re-publish CRAN's binary builds, which is why occasionally you'll find binaries available in one but not the other. Though we always strive for having full coverage.


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