Minimum hardware requirements for shiny-server for 300 student course

Hi all,

I want to get informed about the minimal hardware specs you would recommend to run a shiny server to deploy apps to my students. We are talking about roughly 300 students, who would be accessing the apps for (hopefully!) at least 30 mins per week. I find it hard to predict exact usage time, but from looking at the pricing page of, I would start with the Standard Package for $1100 per year. So trying to find out what I need to beat this.


  1. How many concurrent sessions can I run on a single shiny-server?
  2. Is there a benefit of having multicore CPUs?
  3. The apps will have a small memory footprint (very little data being created and used). With that in mind, how much RAM do I need to be able to serve 300 concurrent sessions (given that's possible)
  4. What do I need to keep in mind for the network interface? any settings I could change to achieve many reasonably fast connections?

thanks for any hints and tips.

I am not 100% sure about this, but I believe the open source version of shiny server limits you to 10 concurrent users at any given time. So if you are expecting more than that at a time then you would probably need to upgrade to the pro version, which will cost more than your option.

ok, I see. this is very helpful, thanks.