Migrating posts from blogdown to distill


Is there a guide for how to best migrate from blogdown to distill? I've played around with distill and am ready to migrate my blog from blogdown. I've managed to get a new distill site setup locally and can get most things working based on the great documentation.

What I'm struggling with is moving my old posts over from blogdown to distill.

I have quite a lot of them in my blogdown site. They all live in the content/posts/ folder. There is usually a .Rmd file and a matching .html file in that folder (some older posts are just .md from when I migrated from wordpress to blogdown).

Is there a way to get all of those old posts to work in distill without having to update the YAML and re-render them? Most of the posts are pretty old and broken so re-rendering won't work but I'd still like to keep them for posterity if possible.

An example post is here.

I've tried simply copying and pasting the files (both Rmd and html) over to the _posts/ folder and then using rmarkdown::render_site to preview things but none of the posts appear on the home page. New posts I add with distill::create_post do appear on the home page.

I also tried using distill::import_post but kept getting errors. Specifically, I tried the below and received this error.

Importing https://plussixoneblog.com/post/my-elo-rating-system-explained/...
This article does not have a creative commons license. Import anyway? [Y/n]: Y
Error in if (dir_exists(article_dir) && !overwrite) { : 
  missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

I'm happy to provide more detail if needed but was more wondering if there were any detailed guides on how to do to this? Or anyone has any tips?


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