Microsoft R Client issue with r studio server on RHEL

Hi all
I have an issue using Rstudio server as IDE with Microsoft R Client.
Microsoft R Client installation uses an estandard R installation called Microsoft R Open and on top add a layer in a different directory to load a bunch of libraries to run in parrallel or connect to a ML cluster.
Rstudio is considering the "R_HOME" as "/opt/microsoft/mlserver/9.2.1/runtime/R", because its having the proper directory structure (its included "backup bin COPYING doc etc include lib library modules share SVN-REVISION") and also having a R executable but it is Microsoft R open, so Rstudio is loading Microsoft R open.
Microsoft R Client bin executable is placed under the another directory "/opt/microsoft/rclient/3.4.1/bin/R" , which don't have any directory structure as I said above.
When you spawn a R session in a terminal first read the R script on /opt/microsoft/rclient/3.4.1/bin/R and this script calls the shell scripts in "/opt/microsoft/mlserver/9.2.1/runtime/R" and you are able to use R libraries in both installations.
Someone knows how to make Rstudio works in this way, by default only use the R binaries/installation under /opt/microsoft/mlserver/9.2.1/runtime/R and it is not possible use the libraries installed under client route.
Thanks in dvance