Mice Imputation failing


I am trying to impute null values from one of dataset where number of columns are 292 and observations are 30,000. I am using parallel mice imputation package which is a wrapper function, every time when i run last line of code for imputation using parlmice , it pops up a window with message

"The Previous R session was abnormally terminated due to an unexpected crash
You may have lost workspace data as a result of this crash"

imp.cart<-parlmice(train,m = 5, printFlag = TRUE,n.core=15, type = "FORK")

Why it so please?

Sorry you are running into issues. I don't know that particular package very well... but this does sound similar to this issue,

detectCores() in particular doesn't return the correct number of cores on cloud, and it looks like you are setting the number of cores to 15 (n.core=15). So I'd be curious if setting that to 1 fixes the issue.



Thanks Sean, i think i should see some other reliable alternate

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