Methods of authenticating access to shiny app in a business

I have roughed out a prototype/ proof of concept parameterised Rmarkdown report, and would like to be building (I think) a shiny app to allow non-technical users to access and run it at request.

I am aware of RConnect and to provide built in authentication layers, however, I do not believe I will be able to obtain a license for those without a proof of concept for R, Rmarkdown and shiny first.

What are the frameworks/approaches that businesses use to 'roll their own' authentications? We use AWS extensively here, concurrency and processing load of this service will be low, but it will be required to be deployed to multiple users, ideally via a webpage with a user name password combination, though that's just a best guess approach, not a functional requirement.

This gist gives an example of how you can do it. This was mentioned somewhere else on here but I couldn't find the thread.

Alternatively, you could try the 45 day free trial of RStudio Connect. This product has built in authentication.


There was some discussion about this here.

I set up a shiny server (open source) with an Auth0 authentication proxy. It's running on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu server, but you should be able to do the same on AWS.

Requires a bit of knowledge about Nginx, but Auth0 have a pretty good tutorial on how to get it up and running.