Metaregression - Interpreting the output from R studio

Question about intepretation of Metaregression outputs.

I have performed a metaanalysis of proportions (Meta package metaprop function)

I have performed several separate metaregressions of some of my continuous variables and categorical variables.

The output I get for one of the analyses (where I assess if the heterogenity in the MA is influenced by the continuous variable: Male_Percent, the % of males in each study cohort) is listed as below:

Mixed-Effects Model (k = 78; tau^2 estimator: REML)

tau^2 (estimated amount of residual heterogeneity): 0.4088 (SE = 0.0921)
tau (square root of estimated tau^2 value): 0.6394
I^2 (residual heterogeneity / unaccounted variability): 88.54%
H^2 (unaccounted variability / sampling variability): 8.73
R^2 (amount of heterogeneity accounted for): 4.41%

Test for Residual Heterogeneity:
QE(df = 76) = 643.7230, p-val < .0001

Test of Moderators (coefficient 2):
QM(df = 1) = 3.8379, p-val = 0.0501

Model Results:

          estimate      se     zval    pval    ci.ub 

intrcpt -0.9948 0.4728 -2.1042 0.0354 -1.9214 -0.0682 *
Male_Percent -0.0165 0.0084 -1.9590 0.0501 -0.0330 0.0000 .

Signif. codes: 0 ‘’ 0.001 ‘’ 0.01 ‘’ 0.05 ‘.’ 0.1 ‘ ’ 1

My Questions:
What is the purpose of the row of results labelled 'intrcpt' compared to the row labelled 'Male percent'?
I assume I take the readings in the row 'male_percent' but know know the meaning of the 'intrcpt' results. Is there somewhere in the R-studio manual that explains what the outputs mean?

Thanks for any advice you can give.

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