metaDigitise error: In dir.create(cal_dir), cannot create dir

Hey all,

Mac OS Big Sur
metaDigitise package 1.0.1., installed with install.packages("metaDigitise")

I created a new directory with all the graphs I want data from.
I went into this directory.
I ran the code:

data <- metaDigitise("~/directory", summary=TRUE)

Then I was asked how I would like to proceed: 1
And now I get following error message:
**Congratulations! Looks like you have finished digitising all figures in this directory.
In dir.create(cal_dir) : cannot create dir '/Users/lacona/HA2/caldat'. Reason 'No such file or directory' **
I checked with dir.exists(getwd())and got TRUE for HA2.

Can anyone please help me to solve this issue?

Thank you!

I found my error. I changed

data <-metaDigitise("~/directory", summary=TRUE)


data <-metaDigitise("fullpathtodirectory", summary=TRUE)

and it worked perfectly fine.

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