Merging two datasets in R

I got below error message in R trying to merge two datasets:
outer_merged <- merge(dailyActivity_merged, dailyIntensities_merged, by = Daily_Activities, all = TRUE)
Error: object 'Daily_Activities' not found

How can I resolve this and move forward

There must be a Daily_Activities variable in both dailyActivity_merged and dailyIntensities_merged

What do I do to resolve it Technocrat? Thanks

the by = parameter should give a character string which is the name of the column to merge on; you have used a symbol, so that symbol would have needed a definition. solution is to quote like so

outer_merged <- merge(dailyActivity_merged, 
                      by = "Daily_Activities", all = TRUE)

I plugged in the code as supplied but it returned this:
outer_merged <- merge(dailyActivity_merged,
by = "Daily_Activities", all = TRUE)
Error in, x) : 'by' must specify a uniquely valid column

that means you dont have Daily_Activities in both datasets, which is a requirement if you wish to merge with that as criteria

Column names in DailyActivity_merged Dataset
[1] "Id" "ActivityDate"
[3] "TotalSteps" "TotalDistance"
[5] "TrackerDistance" "LoggedActivitiesDistance"
[7] "VeryActiveDistance" "ModeratelyActiveDistance"
[9] "LightActiveDistance" "SedentaryActiveDistance"
[11] "VeryActiveMinutes" "FairlyActiveMinutes"
[13] "LightlyActiveMinutes" "SedentaryMinutes"
[15] "Calories"

[1] "Id" "ActivityDay"
[3] "SedentaryMinutes" "LightlyActiveMinutes"
[5] "FairlyActiveMinutes" "VeryActiveMinutes"
[7] "SedentaryActiveDistance" "LightActiveDistance"
[9] "ModeratelyActiveDistance" "VeryActiveDistance"

from this its clear that 'Daily_Activities' is in neither of your datasets.

DailyActivities_merged is one of the file names, as well as DailyIntensities_merged

Daily_Activities needs to be the name of a variable (column) in the dataset, not the name of the dataset.


outer_merged <- merge(dailyActivity_merged, 
                      by = "Id", all = TRUE)

Hi Nir, Please help to solve this. I am grateful. I am new to R Programming and data analytics

I dont know your data, because i have no context on your task, or what the info in your data.frames represents.
but common sense tells me you have ID's in both , and if they are fit for the task ID's they would be natural to merge on. but this could be completely wrong; its your data, you should have knowledge of it and what can in principle be done with it (which is not an R language specific issue)

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Hi Nir,To move forward. I have to resolve below error:

Warning message:
In left_join(., dailyIntensities_merged) :
  Detected an unexpected many-to-many relationship between `x` and `y`.
ℹ Row 105 of `x` matches multiple rows in `y`.
ℹ Row 105 of `y` matches multiple rows in `x`.
ℹ If a many-to-many relationship is expected, set `relationship =
  "many-to-many"` to silence this warning.

Kindly help, thanks

But merged dataset is not appearing in the ENVIRONMENT PANE, which I think is because of above error I shared with you earlier

I would really encourage you to review the following guide, FAQ: Tips for writing R-related questions.
For example, the guide emphasizes asking coding questions with formatted code-chunks and a reprex.

You may have noticed folks here requesting minimal reprexes, that's because asking questions this way saves answerers a lot of time.

Reproducible Examples:

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