Merge excel files all into one

Sorry if my question isn't for a specific R issue. I have multiple excel files with sheets that i would like to merge into one. Is it possible to do this in R? If so, which package would anyone recommend?

  1. You can use the package readxl and the function read_excel to read the files in.
  2. Then, you can merge them in R using functions in the tidyverse. I don't know your data structure and this step might just be concatenating if you are putting things together by stacking them or it could be joining them by merging using some ID. I can't tell from your question.
  3. Finally, save as an Excel file using write_xlsx in the writexl package.

Thanks very much for answering my question.

I will take a look at the package you have mentioned. I will update the question with my experience.

Thanks for your help.

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