Memory usage limits on RStudio.Cloud ?

Hi everyone!

Despite I've read something about 1GB of restriction use of memory on RStudio Cloud, I'm facing the following issue on that:

  1. At first I have uploaded a CSV file (from a ZIP file), having around 500MB after the decompression.
  2. After that, I used the "fread" function (from data.table package) in my R script, in order to read the file and populate my data frame object.
  3. At the end of the read, I got that classic error: "The previous R session was abnormally terminated due to an unexpected crash" and... no object was created!

Could anyone give me a clue about this situation? I supose my object would take less than 1GB on memory of the virtual machine...

Thanks in advance! Luiz (from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

File size on disk is not the same as file size in memory. I would suspect that in your case your file is actually bigger and does go over 1gb. You can try it on your local machine and see how much space it actually takes.

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