'memory.limit() is Windows-specific'

Hi Everyone,

I've been running an unsupervised random forest routine, yet I think a significant amount of memory is required.

To overcome this problem in a Windows environment, I understand that the 'memory.limit(...) command can be used. However, would anyone know if there's a similar command for Mac?



As far as I know, there is no memory limit in UNIX-based operating systems so you are only limited by the maximum memory physically installed in your computer.

Hi Andres,

Thanks for the feedback. I thought so too. However, I ran the procedure on a Mac in which the memory is basically unused, and it still runs into the same issue.

Can you be more specific? what error message are you getting?

Hi Andres,

I get a message:

Warning message:
'memory.limit()' is Windows-specific 

Do you think it's simply a warning as a consequence of the particular script, but the routine will actually still run in large applications?

The problem is, I tried the procedure on a large sample (10,000 obvs), and it basically terminated the sessions; so I tried it on a small sample. And with the small sample, I can obtain the output. Yet, the warning message appears.

Yes, this comes from the use of memory.limit() somewhere in your code, but it is only a warning, there is no error message.

This on the other hand is an indication of an out of memory situation but it is unrelated with the previous warning message.

Thanks Andres,

I appreciate you balancing both points.

Appreciated :slight_smile:

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