Maximum value in rsconnect.max.bundle.size when deploying the Shiny app

I have a question about setting the option options(rsconnect.max.bundle.size=...) . I quote the user guide below. I am super confused about how should I suppose to override the reconnect default 3GB bundle size. Should I set rsconnect.max.bundle.size=8589934592 (8GB) or rsconnect.max.bundle.size=5368709120 (5GB)?

i would really appreciate any help.

Uploaded bundles are limited to a maximum of 6000 files as well as a maximum size of 1 GB for the Free and Starter plans, and up to 5 GB for the Basic, Standard and Professional plans. For the latter plans, note that the rsconnect package has a default bundle size limit of 3 GB, independent of your plan limit. If you plan to deploy application bundles larger than 3 GB in size, you can override the rsconnect default by setting this option first:
options(rsconnect.max.bundle.size=...) where the value is in bytes. Do not set the maximum size larger than the limit for your plan, or application deployments will fail.

according to the text you shared getting to 5Gb that way should be doable, I wouldnt expect 8Gb to work if 5Gb is the largest plan limit

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