Maximize RStudio memory for DADA2 workflow


I have approximately 1000 16S sequenced samples generated from the PacBio platform, and I am using DADA2 workflow to infer ASVs. The script is halted at dada function step since I use the pooling option

dd <- dada(filts, err=err, pool=TRUE, BAND_SIZE=32, OMEGA_A=1e-10, DETECT_SINGLETONS=FALSE, multithread=TRUE)

I tried to use different servers with higher memory space, but it did not work. So, I realized that the issue from the limitation of RStudio memory. I tested 2 options to maximize the memory as follows:

1- use doSNOW package

library (dosnow)

# number of cores to be used
cl <- makeCluster(5)
# make cluster of cores available

2- using unix package



But none of these worked and the script is still halted at the dada step.
I am using RStudio installed on Ubuntu 20.04-operated machine.
The size of the samples to be processed is 50GB, however, my trial was on a subset of samples of size 30GB

Your help is appreciated!

Are you getting an error message to the effect C: cannot allocate vector greater than 8388608?

No, but the R session is aborted at the dada step. I briefly discussed this issue with the DADA2 developer and the recommendation was to use a supercomputer which means it is a memory space limitation. So, even after using a computer of higher specs I still have the same problem. So, I searched it online and realized that it is a software memory limitation.

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