MAXDIFF HELP - Alchemer Export

Dear all,

I am having an issue regarding the MaxDiff methodology.

I have sued Alchemer (Formerly SurveyGizmo) to conduct a MaxDiff analysis, and Alchemer has only one export option for its MaxDiff question type:

I have specified that 8 attributes appear per screen, and a person has to select a "best" and worst" one on each screen. There is a total of 45 attributes.

The export looks like this

Atrribute 1 - Attribute 2 - Attribute 3......Attribute 8 - Best item - Worst Item

I can not figure out how to conduct MaxDiff on this data. Also, I have to conduct TURF analysis afterwards. Any help would be extremely useful!

Kind regards

its not clear whether you are asking for R help to do MaxDiff analysis in general,
or if your question is solely about data import, i.e. how to make an r data.frame from your export.
or both ?

As I analyze all my data in R, it's geared towards analyzing the data. However, if I need to adapt the data before analyzing it, I have explained the data so that all could be adapted.

Shortly, I don't know how to run a MaxDiff analysis in R.

I found this for you to read
OSF | bwsTools Paper.pdf

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