Max open files on RStudio Server Open Source?

I am running RStudio Server Open Source and some of my users are hitting the max open files limit.

I check to see what RStudio Server thinks the limit is with system('ulimit -n') from within a session and it reports 4096.

I'd like to bump this. From a command line SSH session, we permit users a limit of almost ten times that. RStudio Server doesn't seem to be picking this up from limits.conf via pam_limits.

I tried messing with the rstudio-server service unit file and systemd main and user config files setting parameters LimitNOFILE/DefaultLimitNOFILE, respectively, and it didn't seem to have an effect.

I see there is a max-open-files parameter that can be added to rserver.conf but it seems like this is only supported in Pro?

Does anyone know if it is possible to change the max open files limit on Open Source? And if so, how?


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