max_delta_step hyper-parameter in Caret


I just wanna know if the "max_delta_step" hyper-parameter for xgboost is supported by Caret.


It is not:

> xgb_info <- caret::getModelInfo("xgbTree")
> xgb_info$xgbTree$parameters
         parameter   class                          label
1          nrounds numeric          # Boosting Iterations
2        max_depth numeric                 Max Tree Depth
3              eta numeric                      Shrinkage
4            gamma numeric         Minimum Loss Reduction
5 colsample_bytree numeric     Subsample Ratio of Columns
6 min_child_weight numeric Minimum Sum of Instance Weight
7        subsample numeric           Subsample Percentage

You can pass it in via the ... but it does not tune over it.

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