MathJax renders equations with preview_chapter but not in the final built

I have an online workbook for my students created using bookdown. The book has several math symbols. When I render a book chapter using preview_chapter() function, the resulting HTML document shows all the math symbols correctly. However, when I build the book, all the math shows up as raw LATEX text. All the math shows up fine in the PDF copy. My _output.yml looks like this:

  toc: yes
  toc_depth: 2
    - toc.css
    - custom.css
  tufte_variant: "envisioned"
    download: ["pdf", "epub"]
  base_format: pdf_book
  dev: "cairo_pdf"
    in_header: preamble.tex
  latex_engine: xelatex
  citation_package: natbib
  keep_tex: yes
bookdown::epub_book: default

Here are the screenshots with preview_chapter() and after built.
13%20AM 04%20AM

All these things have failed:

  1. Using mathjax: local with self_contained: false
  2. Using mathjax: CUSTOM LINK where I used some other CDN host for mathjax.js
  3. Opening the file in different browsers. Safari, Firefox, and Chrome all failed.
  4. Opening the file on a different OS. I use a Mac but I opened the rendered HTML on a Windows 7 machine and the problem persisted.

I will appreciate any help. Thanks!

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I ended up using gitbook instead of tufte_html_book and it works fine now. Still no idea what went wrong but the equations are back in the rendered book.

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