Math in BibTeX rendering with Tufte

Here I am with some new small things I noticed. Math is not rendered correctly when part of the title-field of a .bib entry. E.g. the $\widehat{R}$part of the title in:

  title     = {Rank-Normalization, Folding, and Localization: An Improved $\widehat{R}$ for Assessing Convergence of MCMC},
  issn      = {1936-0975},
  url       = {},
  doi       = {10.1214/20-ba1221},
  journal   = {Bayesian Analysis},
  publisher = {Institute of Mathematical Statistics},
  author    = {Vehtari, Aki and Gelman, Andrew and Simpson, Daniel and Carpenter, Bob and Bürkner, Paul-Christian},
  year      = {2020},
  month     = {Jul}

is rendered as (hat{R}):

Vehtari, A., Gelman, A., Simpson, D., Carpenter, B., & Bürkner, P.-C. (2020). Rank-normalization, folding, and localization: An improved (hat{R}) for assessing convergence of MCMC. Bayesian Analysis.

So it seems something with MathJax is not going as should be.

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