Markdown Cross Reference links work in gitbook but NOT in ePub book

I am writing a book using markdown and I have been using cross reference links to other chapters, figures, sections, etc. All the cross reference links work fine in the gitbook version, but they do NOT work with the ePub_book. In the ePub version all links redirect to the beginning of each chapter.

Interestingly, links to citations work fine on both versions.

I have reviewed/replaced the links multiple times and I can't find anything wrong. I have been searching the web and been reading available manuals and I have not been able to find a solution to this problem.

Any suggestions?

Which version of bookdown are you using ?

If the latest, can you open an issue in the Github repo of bookdown with a reproducible example for us to look into that ?

Thank you !

I am running R version 4.2.2 on a mac and all the packages (including bookdown) are up to date. It will take me a few days to create a reproducible example of the book with a couple of chapters. Meanwhile, can you point to an article with instructions on how to open an issue in the Github repo of bookdown and how to upload my reproducible example? Thanks!

Bookdown repo is here

best way to share a project example is to share as a github repo, or a zip file in the issue.
Using a space to share is also an option.

Maybe you can try with default template book and add some cross reference like in your book to share how this works in a simpler book than your full one ?

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