Mapping Zip Code Data

I am the financial coordinator for an upcoming international conference in March 2024 in Baltimore. I have been given a spreadsheet that includes all the members of the non-profit organization that is sponsoring the conference. The spreadsheet includes the zipcodes of all the members of the organization. I have copy and pasted just the zipcodes into a new spreadsheet, and I have sorted in descending order from 00000 to 99999. I want to create a map of the USA that graphically represents the distribution of the members. I want the map to have large shapes for areas with lots of readers and small shapes where there are only a few readers. I am on Course 7, Week 5 of the Google Data Analytic certificate. I converted the zipcode spreadsheet into a .csv file and have tried to use the read.csv function to take the zipcode data and convert it into a visualization. So far, I either get blank maps, or error messages in all my attempts. I have Google Search online for possible solutions but so far none have worked. Thanks for any help you could give me. I have a Dell Desktop PC that I am operating from and have been using RSTudio for the past three weeks.

This can be done fairly readily with the {ggplot} and {sf} packages. This S/O post will get you started. Come back with a new post for questions, a reprex. See the FAQ..

Your reply tells how to plot the data on a chart. I want the data plotted on a map of the USA

That's only the start—how to create a data frame of the lat/lon of the selected zips. The next step is to add the geometry objects through {sf}. I'll have to dig through the attics to find a reprex for you. Ping me after a decent interval.

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