Map attribute links to open a specific windows directory


I have an idea which I want to implement in R Shiny to mimic a mapping action in a desktop GIS package but don't know where to start.

I already have a shiny application which uses 'Rleaflet' package to interrogate polygon attribution but I need a way of storing a directory location in a table field which when the polygon is clicked will open the stored directory location to reveal the file contents for browsing.

I think I need some sort of javascript 'action' unless someone else on this forum may have already managed to implement it some other way using another package.

Any suggestions welcome.


Paul S

If I'm understanding you correctly.
You have some sort of ID for your polygon?
This will serve as route to identify the polygon?
In leaflet you you get this action input$mymap_shape_click see:

This will work as an observeEvent object.

From here you would be able to retrieve more info, maybe from a dataframe or reading in a csv/shp.

Depends how you structure the shiny app.

Hope this helps.

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