making three graphs of equal size using matrix or par function in r in same panel

I want to make three graphs in same panel using par or matrix function in r.
i was able to use parm frow to have all three graphs in same panel but they become rectangular. i want all graphs in square plot in same panel. how do i do it?
I used same data to plot three times in panel with following codes

pl1<-ordiplot(ord3d, choices = c(1, 2),cex = 0.5, display ="species" , type = 'n',
ylim = c(-2.7,1.5),
xlim = c(-2.7,2.8))
points(pl1, what = 'species',col="red",cex=0.5, pch = 19)
ordiellipse(ord3d,choices = c(1,2),env1$TREATMENT,conf = 0.95,label = F,col=1:4,lwd = 2)
legend = "species",
col = "red",
pch = 19,
bty = "o",
pt.cex = 0.5,
cex = 1,
text.col = "black",
horiz = F)
legend('bottomright',cex=1, legend=unique(env1$TREATMENT),title="TREATMENT",col=unique(env1$TREATMENT),lty=1,lwd=1)

or any help using matrix function would be fine.

layout.matrix <- matrix(c(2, 1, 0, 3), nrow = 1, ncol = 3) or sth.


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