Making source code files to attach to a release

Novice question: after using usethis::use_github_release(), what do you use to make the source code files (.zip and tar.gz) to attach to the release? devtools::build()? I'm a Mac user so using that function produces a .tgz file for the binary version. Is there any implication of using this format for non-Mac users? From what I understood, devtools::build() does more than simply compressing the project so I presume that right clicking the folder and click "compress" is not recommended.

What's your use case for this?

The source code files are attached "automatically" Managing releases in a repository - GitHub Docs I don't remember doing nothing special beside clicking after I use usethis::use_github_release() :smile_cat:

But do you mean that you want to provide binaries to users? If so you could for instance look into R-universe, you could set up your universe so that it builds releases only. Example:

Thanks, since I saw the "Attach binaries by dropping them here or selecting them" box without any file attached to it, I thought it was my job to make those files. I've just clicked on the publish release button and the files are there :slight_smile:

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