Making Rstudio Server TABS more like they are on OSX

When I'm deep into a problem I typically have a bunch of tabs in the Source window -- a mix of code and View(dataframe) tabs in any order. On OSX I like moving between these tabs with CNTL-OPTION-Arrow. I really miss that on Rstudio Server (e.g., on a remote machine, via Chrome). Is there a key equivalent or could there be one as an enhancement?

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You can configure RStudio to do this if you want:

  1. Click Tools -> Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Type tab into the search field
  3. Edit the Open Next Tab shortcut; press Ctrl+Option+Arrow (same for Open Previous Tab)
  4. Apply

Thanks! @jonathan! That's great!

(one small nit: Step 1 is actually:

  1. Click Tools -> Modify Keyboard Shortcuts)

More on this in the RStudio Documentation.