Making basic graphics

Hello, basic beginner here.

I'm trying out different graphics in R and I made this scatter plot for Temperature and Solar Radiation using the basic airquality dataset. I thought it would be useful to visualise which points related to which month, however as they used numbers rather than names, the scale for the colour is continuous and I get a graduated colour palette rather than 5 distinct colours.

ggplot(airquality, aes(x=Temp, y=Solar.R))+

Is there a way of assigning the numbers in the "Month" column to a specific name (ie 5="May") and then mapping that to a colour?

R has a datatype called factor, which is under the hood, integer values, but which prints as character strings.
Also here I use which is a built in vector of month abbreviations in R.


(my_airq <- mutate(airquality,
                  Month = factor(Month,[5:9])))

ggplot(my_airq, aes(x=Temp, y=Solar.R))+
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You've fixed my two-day headache thank you!

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