make ui inputs that dynamically update with each other?

Make dynamic inputs related to each other?

Im trying to make an application, and one functionality I would like is to have inputs that dynamically update each other!

to explain this a bit further, I would like to have a functionality where you can have a raw value, a percentile, and a letter grade, and that all 3 show up on the original page of inputs!

so when you put in the input for the raw value, it will show the letter grade and the percentile on that same page dynamically, and when you put in the percentile it will update the raw value and letter grade on that page

ideally I could do this with the grade as well (so an A will correspond to a 93rd percentile value, an A- to a 90th percentile value, and putting that in, in a dropdown sense, would update the Raw value and letter grade on the same page to those corresponding values)

just wondering how I could go about this?!

Hi, perhaps have a look at this: Chapter 10 Dynamic UI | Mastering Shiny (

Hi, I agree with @williaml on the chapter recommendation. Also, I believe that it could be helpful to use the following reference as well, since we aren't aware of your dataset.

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