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I noticed that when you download R for Mac they discuss the builtin command line utilities that you can use to check the file integrity. However, on the Windows download site they refer to external programs to download for this purpose. The link to the command line utility appears to be broken, and in addition to this, there is a builtin command that can be used in Windows 10, and possibly Windows 7. The command is:

CertUtil -hashfile file-location hash-type

Who would I notify about possibly updating the R Windows download page? I personally prefer to not download programs for which a good builtin alternative exists for the purposes I intend to use it for...

Here is the source for the Windows builtin command line command:


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This is a CRAN issue, so I'd suggest sending an email to This is the same contact link you'll see at the bottom of the CRAN homepage.

Thanks for the good suggestion. With my level of patience I rarely make it to the bottom of webpages. :joy: I only saw a bunch of irrelevant email addresses with my search of the CRAN website.


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