Make Matching R code parentheses more visible in Dark Theme

Dark Theme is really great.

Can you make
the Matching R code parentheses more visible in Dark Theme?.

When you move the cursor on any parenthesis
in R code,
the highlight in its "matching parenthesis"
is hardly visible (because it's the Dark theme?).

Would be great if the bkg of both paren
would be yellow,
(or other color w/ a good contrast
with the black bkg, behind the R code...).

Then, both matching paren
would really "stand-out"!.

Ubuntu Linux 14.04 32-bits.
R 3.4.2

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I've never had much of a problem with finding it, my biggest complaint with the matching parentheses is that the cursor has to be on the right side of the parenthesis, not on either side.

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I like your comment.
it should "match" on either side of the parenthesis...

The reason I can not (easily) see the matching parenthesis is that I'm using the Dark Theme in Rstudio 1.1...There is not enough color contrast
in the matched paren....

I use the dark theme also, I was just commenting that I had never noticed. I can definitely see how it could be an issue, as it is a darkish gray on a black background. Which editor theme are you using? I use Merbivore Soft, perhaps changing that will help.

I don't have any issues seeing it with the Cobalt theme:

Thanks both, @dlsweet and @nick
for your Editor Theme color suggestions.
Will try them!

@disweet -
ref: finding a matching paren.

a) cursor _on the right side
of a paren (the way it is used now...)
b) either side of a paren

Imagine that you have several consecutive parentheses in your R code.

If you place your cursor between 2 paren,
the Editor will highlight the matching parenthesis
somewhere else in the code. ok!

But which of the 2 parens
is the matching one referring to? :
The paren to the left of your cursor
the one to the right of your cursor?.
It becomes ambiguous...

maybe it's ok to leave it as it is now...
choice a) above. :blush:


@Sfdude,. That's a really really good example. I think I'm just biased because I always accidentally clicked to the left of the parenthesis haha :laughing:

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