Make a model accessible to other users

I developed a model with tidymodels and textrecipes. This model predicts times between hand surgical operations, p2p- patient to patient. Features are age, surgeon, day of the week and the text of the operations . I use p2p to plan the daily schedule. Details are here and in the subsequent posts.

I saved my model and build a quarto document which reads the model and then reads the data from an excel file. This file is preprocessed and the preprocessed features are used to predict p2p for each operation for the next day. At the moment this runs locally on my laptop and works fine.
Now I want to enable non-R-users to read in the daily excel file and get back the p2p times. What's the best and simplest way, to establish an interface for that action? Can I deploy a Quarto document which automatically runs the underlying R?
I have access to, but I must upload sensitive patient data, thus a local solution would be better.
Other possible solutions?

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