Main menu bar is black on black

The main menu bar on my RStudio window is unreadable -- black text on a black background. If I hover in the menu bar, the submenus are readable, but not the main menu.
This problem is unique to RStudio. Other application menu bars are readable.

Running RStudio 1.1.183
Windows 8

Is there a way that I can fix this? Perhaps change the font or background color for the main menu bar?
Thanks for any help.

Larry Hunsicker

RStudio doesn't perform any special theming of the menu bar on Windows, so I'm not sure why this might be occurring in your case.

By any chance do you see this issue in the daily builds of RStudio as well?

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Turns out that this was a problem with Windows 8.0. Now fixed. Thanks for your help.
Larry Hunsicker